Weekly Wrap-Up 11-15-21

Catching up on some Netflix shows while on the treadmill it always leads me wanting to fan art of my recent watched. Kate was interesting and Studio Mir’s The Witcher movie was incredible. I also cleaned up a couple of rough Miles Morales sketches and realized I had enough to post a complete set in one layout. Also once in a while I stumble onto One Million Dance Studio that YouTube page always inspires me to do a quick animation.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-20-21

Once in a while I like to do model studies from a rough sketch to full colors with a couple of basic brushes. The lighting on the skin is challenging but so much fun. Had to draw something after the fantastic conclusion of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Anno nailed the ending. Also did a Draw This in Your Style for @villaisdrawing it was an incredible character design to draw.

Weekly Wrap-Up 7-11-21

Now that I am a bit familiar with the UI of Blender I revisited using Grease Pencil for animation. I referenced the skate environment and the board. After that I tried to find the interesting camera shots then drew a skateboarder to finish up the shot. Also I saw an awesome OC by @OhHeyDJ and did a couple of illustrations based on his character.

Weekly Wrap-Up 6-6-21

Super into doing some late night fan art in Procreate the last couple of weeks. Yasuke on Netflix was incredibly inspiring I loved the soundtrack and the vibe of the world. DOTA Book 1 on Netflix was incredibly dark and the fantasy designs were so much fun. I had to do a draw this in your style when J Scott Campbell posted his design. Besides that a couple of illustrations based on photo studies.