Weekly Wrap-Up 08-08-22

I have been watching an anime called Dance Danseur about the world of ballet. The MAPPA style of bodies in motion is a fascinating study to try. I have been on Pinterest looking through ballet poses and doing nightly studies in Clip Studio with the basic pencil chunky brush, one of my favorite brushes to use just to capture basic form.

Weekly Wrap-Up 07-25-22

Late nights I have a couple Twitch art streamers I like to have on for background distraction noise. One of them is Ergo_Josh his streams are very chill and easy to listen to. He recently posted a Draw This in Your style based on his original character. I had to do a couple of poses, expressions and a scene with his character. It’s good practice.

Weekly Wrap-Up 07-05-22

On the weekly watch list is Spy x Family. It’s a bit different from what the trailer showed I expected Mr. and Mrs. Smith but it changes up very early. The character designs are really fun pretty much after an episode finishes I have to try a couple of character sketches. These drawings have been on my iPad in various design states just posting what’s kinda done.

Weekly Wrap-Up 04-25-22

The other night came across the trailer for a future Gundam project called: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. The character design really stood out and the score really hit at the right spot. I did a couple of rough pen sketches and had to drop them in Clip and clean it up a bit more. Also completed a Procreate drawing for a Draw This in Your Style challenge with a really interesting Medusa design.

Weekly Wrap-Up 04-4-22

Started cleaning up some sketches from a couple of shows I finished watched a couple months ago. Some drawings based on Dota Dragons Blood Book 2 and Demon Slayer Season 2. Also a test involving a rendered material in Blender then applying some addition graphics on top of the object using Affinity Designer. I really need to log in some hours getting more familiar with the Affinity collection of software.

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-14-22

The last two years I didn’t get around to creating a yearly art book. Back in January I took sometime went ahead and finished layout for my 2020 and 2021 art book. Both recently arrived from Lulu Press and as usual fantastic job. Still cleaning up a number of iPad sketches I have done while watching some great animation.