Planet Tilt 08-15-2013

Prepping for another Renuked Labs pitch meeting. Looking at the games getting a lot of attention, I decided to take a step back on the complexity of my recent concepts.

This game the mechanics are based on a DJ operating a record on a turntable, changing the planetary rotation to see how long your orbiting bodies can survive incoming debris towards the center of the screen.

Looking at Corona as a base for this build it would work well on large Apple and Android tablets.


TV Timer 10-16-2012

Slowly making my way through the iOS UI guidelines. It’s really interesting to read what iOS is truly capable with it’s basic template tools for common bars and touch interface buttons.

This concept came to me while reading how the timer functions run. What if as a parent you concerned with the amount of television your young child is consuming.

This app TV Timer just keeps a log of the persons television viewing time. Depending on the settings I can’t see why it can’t be used to keep a timer on the persons use of the computer or tablet time as well.


Motorcycle UX/UI Thought Process 07-18-2012

Spending my free time when the road is nice on the bike of course the thoughts of a motorcycle app is never far from my mind.

I always check the app store to see something social for motorcycle enthusiasts more in tune with the ADVrider crowd and less attention seeker crowd.

Going through the iOS user guide lines concepts like this are some what attainable.

This app concept is basically an achievement based system for your bike similar to Xbox/PSN achievements with a social hook. Willing members join up and just try to get more points that others based on distanced traveled, maintenance done and modifications completed.