Weekly Wrap-Up 7-20-15

Posted on Jul 21st, 2015 in Illustration

Busy weekend spent working on designing a friend of mine’s companies branding identity. I will have a slew of logo’s I will eventually post here when they decide on a final layout. Besides that I did manage to do a couple of for fun illustrations.

RIP Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. It wasn’t until his passing I really knew what an accomplished programmer he was.



Sketch Dailies weekend topic was Charmander from the Pokemon series. I wanted to try something Jake Parker has inspired me to do “draw people just having fun and being whimsical”.



During a bit of a drawing block stumbled onto Hellboy on tv. I did a couple of quick doodles earlier and ended up finishing this up. It’s had to draw Hellboy without thinking how Mike Mignola does his shadows.




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