Weekly Wrap-Up 4-26-20

Now that I feel pretty comfortable with Procreate I am doing some more dynamic layouts with the grid and perspective tools. I also want to try using a couple of modeling tools I have on iPad to do rough layouts for scenes. Late night I have been watching random sentai series so I have been doing a number of sentai characters and poses that I need to get around to clean-up and posting.

Weekly Wrap-Up 4-5-20

For April’s character design challenge Norse Goddess Hel and her Hellhound. Also a couple of drawings for draw this in your style challenges. Lately I have been trying to focus more on color saturation and experimenting with a looser style. Spending so much time with Procreate I really feel more and more comfortable as time goes on.

Weekly Wrap-Up 3-15-20

Mostly these days trying to push a couple of styles in Procreate and see what I can do. My monthly character design challenge illustration this month’s topic: Brazil Carnival. The other illustration was for a draw this in your style challenge. I never get tired seeing other artists interpretations of someone’s style.

Weekly Wrap-Up 6-10-19

I was blown away by the trailer for The Mighty Piton by The Line Animation and created a fan illustration based on the characters. This is the first year I did an illustration for Mermay a yearly tradition where an artist creates a mermaid design during the month of May. I also designed a modern version of Xayide the sorceress from The Neverending Story series.