Weekly Wrap-Up 05-29-23

A recent video came called Forespoken has a main character I had to do some drawings based on her design. I follow a number of OC artists it’s very exciting to see in general what people across the world draw for original character designs. One of them is named Suizilla that artist created a character named Mabel. It was fun interpreting their style to some poses in Clip Studio. Also I spent sometime on some face studies using Pinterest photos as references.

Weekly Wrap-Up 05-08-23

Some recent drawings all done in Clip Studio. The costume for Supergirl in “The Flash” looks great I wanted to draw some poses based on that costume. A month late on last months character design challenge topic: Raccoon thief. I had a thumbnail sketch on a scrap sheet of paper I wanted to finish the initial character design. Also I haven’t done a Miku Monday in a bit, the idea of Miku being a battle suit was something I had to draw.

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-26-23

This season a number of really fun anime has been airing. Usually after a couple episodes I like to do some character sketches based on the initial designs. I have a few more in my Procreate folder to post but here are some from “Trigun Stampede” and “The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady”. Most of the seasonal shows I watch on Crunchyroll I pick them purely based on the art style of the show I watch pretty much all genres to get inspired.

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-06-23

Netflix recently released a new series called My Dad the Bounty Hunter. The character designs for the lead family are really inspiring. After an episode I would usually sketch some the characters doing something. After a while I had enough very rough sketches to go back and clean up the line-work and finish the sketches a bit more.

Weekly Wrap-Up 02-27-23

Really enjoyed Creed III the soundtrack is also phenomenal. I drew these boxing illustrations really trying not to look or think about Ippo a super famous boxing manga. At the office I keep a small traditional sketchbook once in a while after a quick lunch I like to do some car studies. It’s funny after a while I realized I had another series of cars I could put together in one layout.

Weekly Wrap-Up 08-08-22

I have been watching an anime called Dance Danseur about the world of ballet. The MAPPA style of bodies in motion is a fascinating study to try. I have been on Pinterest looking through ballet poses and doing nightly studies in Clip Studio with the basic pencil chunky brush, one of my favorite brushes to use just to capture basic form.