Weekly Wrap-Up 08-08-22

I have been watching an anime called Dance Danseur about the world of ballet. The MAPPA style of bodies in motion is a fascinating study to try. I have been on Pinterest looking through ballet poses and doing nightly studies in Clip Studio with the basic pencil chunky brush, one of my favorite brushes to use just to capture basic form.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-22-18

Since the last post I have been doing smaller reference studies with the grease pencil in Clip Studio. I spent sometime working on grey scale values with clothing folds and soft lighting shadows. I did find a couple new fashion blogs that will come in handy for a couple of designs I have been trying to work on recently.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-10-18

Finished a couple pre-Labor Day blue lines sketches I had “laying around” on the iPad. Of course I took the time to design an insect warrior for August character design challenge. It’s always so much fun just seeing where the initial design ends up.

I have a couple more fashion reference illustrations I want to wrap up before moving onto the next project. I really get excited by the next drawing series even after all these posts.

Weekly Wrap-Up 7-16-18

The last week a fun art challenge popped up called #drawthisinyourstyle. A number of my favorite illustrators posted their work with the challenge for everyone else to re-draw it in your personal style. I collected a couple of my favorite post and picked up the challenge. I am sure I will have a couple more in the next couple of weeks. It’s been fun interpreting the various character designs into my own style.

Of course I had to keep the monthly Character Design Challenge going. The topic was African Warrior.