Weekly Wrap-Up 11-28-22

In between a couple of projects I have been filling up the iPad with some pages. The artist Gaziter created a fun character and I had to try some pose studies with him. Also a couple of characters to print for a Marvel sticker sheet, some Pinterest studies and a screenshot from a segment from a Blender experiment. I liked the lighting in the alley it reminded me of a background from Batman: The Animated Series.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-23-22

I am a huge fan of Studio Trigger the team constantly does some of the best character designs today. Their most recent work Cyberpunk: Edgerunners really stood out from first scene to the very end. I had to do a couple of fan illustrations after watching it all. Also a portrait study completed in Procreate and some very loose skateboarders’ studies using a basic Clip Studio flat ink brush.

Weekly Wrap-Up 07-25-22

Late nights I have a couple Twitch art streamers I like to have on for background distraction noise. One of them is Ergo_Josh his streams are very chill and easy to listen to. He recently posted a Draw This in Your style based on his original character. I had to do a couple of poses, expressions and a scene with his character. It’s good practice.

Weekly Wrap-Up 07-05-22

On the weekly watch list is Spy x Family. It’s a bit different from what the trailer showed I expected Mr. and Mrs. Smith but it changes up very early. The character designs are really fun pretty much after an episode finishes I have to try a couple of character sketches. These drawings have been on my iPad in various design states just posting what’s kinda done.