Weekly Wrap-Up 11-28-22

In between a couple of projects I have been filling up the iPad with some pages. The artist Gaziter created a fun character and I had to try some pose studies with him. Also a couple of characters to print for a Marvel sticker sheet, some Pinterest studies and a screenshot from a segment from a Blender experiment. I liked the lighting in the alley it reminded me of a background from Batman: The Animated Series.

Weekly Wrap-Up 04-4-22

Started cleaning up some sketches from a couple of shows I finished watched a couple months ago. Some drawings based on Dota Dragons Blood Book 2 and Demon Slayer Season 2. Also a test involving a rendered material in Blender then applying some addition graphics on top of the object using Affinity Designer. I really need to log in some hours getting more familiar with the Affinity collection of software.

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-14-22

The last two years I didn’t get around to creating a yearly art book. Back in January I took sometime went ahead and finished layout for my 2020 and 2021 art book. Both recently arrived from Lulu Press and as usual fantastic job. Still cleaning up a number of iPad sketches I have done while watching some great animation.

Weekly Wrap-Up 01-10-22

New Year new projects I collected my 2d and 3d animation works and uploaded an end of the year animation reel. I have a couple of 3d sequences I work on from time to time. While the renders take overnight I still like to put in drawing time on the iPad. One of the things I like to do is draw other artists OC’s some people have such styles where it comes to character design.

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-26-21

A few days before the end of the year. I had a couple of render experiments I wrapped up last week and a few drawings that I will probably get to over the week. Looking back I spent around 10 months with Blender off and on it’s been a fun learning experience. I am on my second notebook three of the most difficult things include sculpting, rigging and the most recent addition nodes. Really hoping to grasp those higher end functions.

I did create my annual holiday card it’s always a blast to do something traditional normal each year. I also do plan on getting back into the habit of a yearly art book and if possible create one from last year. It’s going to bug my having a missing year on my bookshelf.

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-13-21

Really enjoying the new Static Shock run by Milestone Comics I had to do some pose studies based on the costume design. In Blender experimenting with the physics function successfully got an object with gravity and weight to collide and smash through a wall made of individual objects.
Also a couple days ago Blender launched the 3.0 update I had a watch assembly render that needed to be rendered in EEVEE. It was a perfect time to try it out.

Weekly Wrap-Up 7-11-21

Now that I am a bit familiar with the UI of Blender I revisited using Grease Pencil for animation. I referenced the skate environment and the board. After that I tried to find the interesting camera shots then drew a skateboarder to finish up the shot. Also I saw an awesome OC by @OhHeyDJ and did a couple of illustrations based on his character.