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Weekly Wrap-Up 1-11-21

Finished up a couple of illustrations I had sitting around. During the end of year I caught up on a couple of my favorite shows…

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Weekly Wrap-Up 12-28-20

My end of the year animation 2020 wrap up video. Another year I learned a lot about the process and continue to get more confident…

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Weekly Wrap-Up 12-7-20

I have been just doing some model studies in Procreate lately. Besides that I completed a couple of animations and designed a Fox adventurer for…

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Weekly Wrap-Up 10-19-20

For Octobers character design challenge the theme was Aztec warrior. As usual I had a couple of rough pencil sketches and in the end just…

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Weekly Wrap-Up 9-20-20

Finishing up a summer project but still doing small late night illustrations and animations when I can. I found a couple of shortcuts that help…

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2020 Greetings

During holiday vacation I did animation to start the New Year off with.

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Shazam 07

After seeing Shazam I was inspired to do an animation of his transformation. I still need to get better at frame management and timeline controls…

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Toilet Snack 06

Recently a couple of Clip Studio guides popped up and helped clarify the 2d camera controls. I used this as a final test to make…

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Hallway Glitch 05

After doing the original animation in Clip Studio I used a photo of an empty office hallway as a background. I really wanted a glitch…

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Sentai Punch 04

Really inspired by Marco Nelcor’s recent post of his Sentai warrior “Mango”. I did the camera movement without 2d camera software controls. It was very…

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Animation 02

Went through a couple guides online for the toolbar in Clip Studio for 2D animation.