Weekly Wrap-Up 12-13-21

Really enjoying the new Static Shock run by Milestone Comics I had to do some pose studies based on the costume design. In Blender experimenting with the physics function successfully got an object with gravity and weight to collide and smash through a wall made of individual objects.
Also a couple days ago Blender launched the 3.0 update I had a watch assembly render that needed to be rendered in EEVEE. It was a perfect time to try it out.

Weekly Wrap-Up 1-11-21

Finished up a couple of illustrations I had sitting around. During the end of year I caught up on a couple of my favorite shows and did some illustations based on the shows. I did a dance study video trying out a new iPad app and watched a really funny Larry King interview with Danny Pudi and had to do an animation of the interview.

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-28-20

My end of the year animation 2020 wrap up video. Another year I learned a lot about the process and continue to get more confident with the software. I really enjoyed the Netflix series The Queens Gambit and did a couple of fanarts based on the lead character. Besides that a couple of weekend illustrations and my annual holiday card.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-19-20

For Octobers character design challenge the theme was Aztec warrior. As usual I had a couple of rough pencil sketches and in the end just worked with a mash of a couple of them into one final illustration. I have a number of weekend model reference studies this is just another in a series. Finally I am big fan of animator @rocketboiart his characters really stand out. I did a weekend personal challenge I took one of his characters and did a small animation featuring her.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-20-20

Finishing up a summer project but still doing small late night illustrations and animations when I can. I found a couple of shortcuts that help me do quicker animations in Clip Studio studying a lot of frames has helped me realize I can do more with less. I watched Beastars a while back and never got around to posting this fan art. Also a couple of draw this in your style challenges it’s always so much fun to interpret another artist work.