Weekly Wrap-Up 12-29-18

Last blog post for 2018 it’s been fun going through my illustrations and sketches through out the year. The art book is almost done so far its around 47 double sided pages, the best part is working mostly digital this year I didn’t have to clean up paper scans. I really enjoyed just experimenting this year and hope to push myself further into the new year.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-22-18

Since the last post I have been doing smaller reference studies with the grease pencil in Clip Studio. I spent sometime working on grey scale values with clothing folds and soft lighting shadows. I did find a couple new fashion blogs that will come in handy for a couple of designs I have been trying to work on recently.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-8-18

I started the beginning of October with allergies at this point I don’t want to burn out trying to catch up on my Inktober drawings. So this year I will take a break. I did enjoy the art meme going around with Bowsette the collective art going around is all so much fun. My final concept for last months character design challenge the creme brulee wrestler was something that came to me towards the end of completing my initial concept the chocolate bar model.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-24-18

The last two weeks I have been busy and doing mostly quick at work lunchtime sketches. I did have time a day before Batman Day and drew a couple of layout sketches. I did eventually finish both during last weekend. With the model illustrations I was trying out building out grey levels before applying any color to the images. I always enjoy approaching a drawing with a possible new way to apply layers and colors.

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-10-17

With the year coming to and end I need to start scanning and clean up for my 2017 art book. I feel pretty comfortable with simple color illustration in Clip Paint Studio, the majority of the Frenden brushes imported perfectly. These illustrations were done on the iPad at 300 dpi still quite impressed how well it handles 20+ layers.





Weekly Wrap-Up 9-5-17

It really feels like summer is wrapping up, pumpkin spice is featured in everything already. The year is far from over but starting to think of some final pieces to work on for my end of the year art book. These are just my every couple of days drawings. I can’t get it to daily but doing the best I can.