Weekly Wrap-Up 6-24-19

Finally came up with a fun fan-art design of the main cast of We Bare Bears x Naruto. Last week during the hype of E3 it felt like everyday people had a new theme of fanart to focus on and I went with Nessa a new character from Pokemon.

Since purchasing an Oculus Quest I have been enamored with Tilt Brush a 3d painting application for virtual reality. At first the blank template was very daunting but sketching out my core design concept on paper in a 3/4 view turned out to be a great starting point.

I also managed to fill a couple of pages in my at work sketchbook with some mechanical designs.

Weekly Wrap-Up 7-30-18

Still having way to much fun with the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge. I had a couple more since my last post. It’s so much fun to interpret someones drawing into my own. Especially the type of characters that are truly quite original.

I also had to get in on the She-Ra fanart that’s been going around on my feed. It’s awesome to see the illustration community come together to support one another always.

Weekly Wrap-Up 3-19-17

Really happy the winter darkness is over with and the sun is out until almost 6:30pm. It’s almost time for running season to start up again. I really liked a couple of Oscar photo’s that were taken on the red carpet, I had to do a couple of illustrations. Besides that I am working on a couple of smaller design projects but still making time for kind of daily more like every couple of days illustrations.






Weekly Wrap-Up 5-15-16

Super busy lately I need to get back to a more regular posting schedule. Otherwise post like these exist with 10+ illustrations from the last month all on one post.

Still having a blast with Procreate but my drawing time is still the fastest on paper but with digital it’s getting much better.

Lately it’s been a mix of Sketch Dailies late night illustrations and some personal for fun weekend stuff.


Attack on Titan – Illustration


Prince – Sketch Dailies


Voltron – Sketch Dailies


Reference Model Sketch


Utena – Illustration


Reference Model Sketch


Swamp Thing – Sketch Dailies




Ex Machina


Reference Model Illustration


Rey – The Force Awakens


Red from Transistor


Rowlet- For Sketch Dailies


Rita Repulsa – For Sketch Dailies

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-27-16

I am really trying to get into the habit of sketching something walking away and getting the base lines down before illustrating it. It’s true when I come back to the line work I notice a few errors that would have messed me up later on while adding color to it.


Rosie the Riveter 20XX – oc concept


Little Red Riding Hood – OC concept


The Punisher aka Frank Castle


Nightcrawler 80’s edition based on Ducky from Pretty In Pink for Kevin Wada’s X-Men 80’s challenge.


Funky Spider-Man illustration in honor of the Civil War trailer


Elektra based on the Netflix promo art for her character.


Reference illustration based on a 50’s fashion guide

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-06-16

Getting a bit busy for a moment. Working on some outside work hopefully I will show later down the road. In the meanwhile still trying to do a little something everyday or every other if time permits.


Iron Fist


Daft Punk – Still playing “Discovery” on a weekly basis


Zootopia / X-Files LOL…I am sorry


Quick late night sketch based on T.I.’s music video for “Money Talk”



Weekly Wrap-Up 07-12-15

I did a good chunk of sketches this week. Last weeks art road block seems to have passed for now. Really exciting stuff coming out of San Diego comic con, just a shame it’s tough to actually get tickets in the nerd is cool era.

Congrats to Serena Williams on her 6th Wimbledon Win, like Nike says “Just Do It”



Mid-friday the first cast photo of the new Ghostbusters hit the internet. I am counting down the days. Really interested to see what they do in terms of how does this relate to the 80’s Ghostbusters crew.




Can’t believe Invader Zim is back. Hopefully this will lead the way to a new animated series on Netflix. I did a quick sketch the day I saw the news the covers were released.




Just a quick model reference pose illustration. These are always fun quick doodles on paper. Ever so often I like to grab one and drop some color on it.