Weekly Wrap-Up 1-14-18

Glad to get my physical art book this week from Lulu.com. It’s 56 pages full color with a hardbound design. Besides that I have been going back to Procreate lately the pencil tool feels much better since the last round of updates. I still prefer Clip Studio but it’s fun to record my drawing session.


Weekly Wrap-Up 03-27-16

I am really trying to get into the habit of sketching something walking away and getting the base lines down before illustrating it. It’s true when I come back to the line work I notice a few errors that would have messed me up later on while adding color to it.


Rosie the Riveter 20XX – oc concept


Little Red Riding Hood – OC concept


The Punisher aka Frank Castle


Nightcrawler 80’s edition based on Ducky from Pretty In Pink for Kevin Wada’s X-Men 80’s challenge.


Funky Spider-Man illustration in honor of the Civil War trailer


Elektra based on the Netflix promo art for her character.


Reference illustration based on a 50’s fashion guide