Weekly Wrap-Up 11-5-18

Nothing much it has been busy lately. I did do a couple fashion reference studies, all on iPad w/Clip Studio Paint pencil tool. It’s super comfortable the way the pencil really builds layers over time with soft pencil marks on the screen.

I had a couple more idea’s for this month’s character design challenge I might revisit them sooner than later.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-22-18

Since the last post I have been doing smaller reference studies with the grease pencil in Clip Studio. I spent sometime working on grey scale values with clothing folds and soft lighting shadows. I did find a couple new fashion blogs that will come in handy for a couple of designs I have been trying to work on recently.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-10-18

Finished a couple pre-Labor Day blue lines sketches I had “laying around” on the iPad. Of course I took the time to design an insect warrior for August character design challenge. It’s always so much fun just seeing where the initial design ends up.

I have a couple more fashion reference illustrations I want to wrap up before moving onto the next project. I really get excited by the next drawing series even after all these posts.

Weekly Wrap-Up 1-14-18

Glad to get my physical art book this week from Lulu.com. It’s 56 pages full color with a hardbound design. Besides that I have been going back to Procreate lately the pencil tool feels much better since the last round of updates. I still prefer Clip Studio but it’s fun to record my drawing session.


Weekly Wrap-Up 02-23-16

Trying to work on this phase of creating more original character work minus the Ash illustration. The Jake Parker video channel series has really inspired me to do more work that I can say is my own.


For Chinese New Year the one and only Sun Wukong.


Older Ash Ketchum from Pokemon


Illustration based on the Super Bowl Halftime show outfit


Modern witch illustration


A fanart piece in honor of Tuskegee Heirs – The Kickstarter Project


Bunny Guard Sketch #1


Bunny Guard Sketch #2


Bunny Guard Sketch #3

Weekly Wrap-Up for 2015 edition 01-03-16

The end of the year is always a great time to catch up with friends and just draw 24/7. This is my last batch of sketches for 2015. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has waiting around the corner.


Doctor Strange – Based on the Benedict Cumberbatch promo picture


A quick Daniel Craig Bond illustration referenced for a 007 promo pic


Fashion model reference illustration


I can’t believe till this year I have never seen Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra. This film holds everything I love about 80’s action movies in one. Halfway though the film I did a couple of sketches and this one is my fave quick little profile.


I did this a couple of days prior to the new season of Luther airing on television. Next Elba sketch I do I need to grey up the facial hair a bit.


It feels like every year I do a Storm illustration. I guess this is my annual Storm for 2015.


The other day Kotaku posted an article about Nintendo creating a female Link character called Linkel. I loved the character design image they released for her, I had to do my interpretation.


Weekly Wrap-Up 10-02-15

For the month of October my digital work will be on hiatus. I am going to try and complete the Inktober challenge, drawing something each night for the next 31 days.

In the meanwhile the last of my digital pieces for this month probably.


Reference Model


Young Red Skull



Reference model revisited


PowerPuff Girls Super Sentai formation


Weekly Wrap-Up 8-30-15

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Just getting around to posting my backlog.


RIP Yvonne Craig aka Batgirl 60’s Batman still so very awesome and iconic. I remember as a kid watching the old syndicated Batman series in the early 90′s so much fun.





Ref illustration  it was a quick Sunday morning sketch I wanted to drop some color in it, reference here


Spongebob Squarepants for a sketch dailies topic from last week. Totally channeling the Hulk for this illustration.


Listening to the latest release from The Weeknd such a great album. While hearing it I just zoned out and wanted to do something just chill.


Over the weekend I saw the video for The Lines latest work: Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit. As a kid of the 80’s it spoke to me completely. Also super awesome pleasant surprise to be able to digital buy the PDF book of the sequences. I really hope we see more of these characters.



Sketch Dailies weekend topic #Warboys from Mad Max: Fury Road. I had to do a little something for it. Fury Road is one of my favorite films from 2015.