Weekly Wrap-Up 11-6-17

I managed to print a couple samples of my Inktober 2017 art book. Learned a couple of things in the process but happy with the end result. My last illustration for day 31 was also a starting point for October’s character design challenge topic – demon/devil. I added some base colors in the scan and had fun playing with vibrance layers for this illustration.

Weekly Wrap-Up 9-5-17

It really feels like summer is wrapping up, pumpkin spice is featured in everything already. The year is far from over but starting to think of some final pieces to work on for my end of the year art book. These are just my every couple of days drawings. I can’t get it to daily but doing the best I can.


Weekly Wrap-Up 2-5-17

Recently a couple of people have asked me to do drawings of them just quick portrait stuff. I like the challenge of looking at a face and breaking down what makes that persons face stand out. Also the usual late night illustrations.








Finally, I created a ONE PAGE PORTFOLIO. My main website is mostly for illustration but I thought it was important to have a site that showed my html/technical design level.