Weekly Wrap-Up 11-26-17

The last couple of weeks I haven’t had the time to do much. These are mostly Saturday morning breakfast sketches and the small notecard drawings are pieces I do at work during lunchtime. One of my favorite illustration programs Clip Studio Paint recently released an app for iOS is’s amazing. My process for sketching on paper and working on the desktop feels so antiquated. I am going through tutorials and trying to figure out a process that works using the iPad version more.

Weekly Wrap-Up 11-6-17

I managed to print a couple samples of my Inktober 2017 art book. Learned a couple of things in the process but happy with the end result. My last illustration for day 31 was also a starting point for October’s character design challenge topic – demon/devil. I added some base colors in the scan and had fun playing with vibrance layers for this illustration.

Weekly Wrap-Up 11-5-17

Inktober – Finale really happy with how this years Inktober turned out. Definitely going off topic at the end of the night with an brush pen in my hand was fun. I am almost done with final layouts to print these into a small art book to remember how it all turned out.

24. Sentai transformation

25. Elephants cutting loose

26. The Queen’s guard

27. All summer she practiced

28. One swift strike

29. Practicing summon magic

30. This squirrel fights back

31. In a Halloween mode for the last day

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-23-17

Inktober Week 3 – So far so good, I have a good handle on my illustrations the next few days. Going away from a particular theme esp. Halloween related like in the past was for the best. Some nights I look over at the clock and it’s past 1 AM, best part I still feel like I have so many fun ideas to try before the month is up.


17. Energy summon to destroy the orb

18. Never too old to skate

19. Crow mage

20. High altitude sky surfer

21. Lone priest ready to fight the undead

22. Good day for a ride

23. The forest archer prepares to strike


Weekly Wrap-Up 10-16-17

Inktober Week 2 – After hitting a few roadblocks late night I realized it’s best to just draw whatever comes to me at night. I thought about trying to hit a theme each day but in the past I got tired of sticking to a particular topic or era. Somedays I want to do sentai stuff the next day fun animal characters.


10. Crew hard at work before the next round

11. Chicken and Worm detectives 80’s cop team-up

12. Wasteland junker

13. Underwater always full of surprise

14. One swift strike

15. The best on the dance floor

16. Fleet commander charting the course


Weekly Wrap-Up 10-9-17

Inktober Week 1 – The first couple were a little hard. I have been doing digital lately so it takes a few tries before my hands feel steady to do long line work. So far so good I have a schedule when I get home to not burn out on my daily pieces for the month.

1. Jay-Z on SNL

2. Striker Jr. Pacific Rim 2

3. Iden Versio Battlefront 2

4. Wary traveller on his walk

5. Rooftop defender

6. Braking the 4th wall

7. Flamingo charging up his chi

8. Pizza delivery bot 30 mins or less

9. 80’s Sentai on her way to a fight

Weekly Wrap-Up 4-17-17

Caught up with the first couple of episodes of Attack on Titan it’s great to have it back. Besides that a couple of great shows are coming back but of course gotta make time for Persona 5. I have been just filling up pages in my sketchbook while finishing up some shows that don’t require my full attention.





Weekly Wrap-Up 1-1-17

Happy New Year can’t believe 2016 is done and over with. The last week of the year I try to organize a number of projects and scan my drawings into an end of the year folder for the annual sketchbook.

Last year my final sketchbook was 50 pages with 18 full color pages. This year its 83 pages with 18 full color pages. I can’t wait to get the physical hardbound version of this book. It’s nice to actually hold something physical that I made.


Above is the final design for Vol:2


Above is a much earlier concept I was playing with