Weekly Wrap-Up 6-18-18

It’s my favorite time of the year, I have been on the road just putting miles on the bike and taking stops to sketch. For the month of May I managed to do something for Mermay, a couple of NBA illustrations and of course one for the monthly character design challenge. Some days I want to do thick inker lines and the next day loose pencil styled designs. It’s still hard to decide what “style” I actually am.

Weekly Wrap-Up 6-4-18

I got around to uploading a couple of older illustrations that I did last month. On May the fourth aka Star Wars day I did a quick Luke illustration. One of my fav. music videos in quite sometime is Childish Gambino’s – This is America the afternoon after watching it I stayed up into the early AM to draw it. Besides that here are a couple of lunchtime pencil sketches in my work sketchbook.

Weekly Wrap-Up 1-1-17

Happy New Year can’t believe 2016 is done and over with. The last week of the year I try to organize a number of projects and scan my drawings into an end of the year folder for the annual sketchbook.

Last year my final sketchbook was 50 pages with 18 full color pages. This year its 83 pages with 18 full color pages. I can’t wait to get the physical hardbound version of this book. It’s nice to actually hold something physical that I made.


Above is the final design for Vol:2


Above is a much earlier concept I was playing with







Weekly Wrap-Up 01-25-16

Still doing some style experiments with Clip Paint Studio. Also getting gloves for the Cintiq screen definitely improved the smooth motions on the screen.


Cookie from Empire aka Taraji P. Henson


Lando Calrissian from Cloud City aka Billy Dee Williams


Quick Mr. Robot


Inspired by CTChrysler OC AnnieMei


Effie from Heavy Cream OC by Ttyto Alba


Jake Wyatt’s OC from Necropolis

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-24-15 all STAR WARS post

Finally got around to watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was never a huge Star Wars fan but the art book is really inspiring. Most of my Star Wars sketches have been based on trailer impressions. This is the first batch I have done since actually seeing the new movie.


Finn’s helmet for the holidays


Kylo-Ren sketch


Poe Dameron – I really want to go back and gritty this design up next time


Teen stormtrooper’s I drew for Sketch Dailies Star Wars week.


Male Tie Fighter the inverse of my female X-Wing pilot illustration from my last post.


Yoda and Rocket Racoon mash-up sure why not.


Weekly Wrap-Up 12-6-15

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Staying busy found sometime recently to work on a couple of fun illustrations.

The Star Wars hype is getting real.


X-Wing pilot


Daisy Ridley from – The Force Awakens


Finn from – The Force Awakens


Sailor Scout – Fanart illustration for Jamila Rowser


Supergirl – wow this new series is fun


Captain America/Bucky – Just watched the Civil War trailer let the countdown begin


Found out Friday it was Shawn Carters aka “Jay-Z’s” birthday, I had to do a quick sketch and ended up coloring it.

Weekly Wrap-up 04-19-15

Weekly collection of sketches for the week of 4-19-15.

Illustration for Sketch Dailies topic: Yoda

Illustration for Sketch Dailies topic: Count Chocula

Illustration for Sketch Dailies topic: Lamassu

Illustration of a model with the Pentel brush pen

Illustration of a wolf with the Pentel brush pen

Star Wars Illustration 11-30-2014

So the official trailer for Star Wars Episode VII showed up on iTunes this morning in all it’s 1080p glory. I am not a huge Star Wars fan but I definitely am a JJ Abrams fan.

One of my favorite scenes was a character named Daisy on a jet bike coasting along the desert. Figured I would throw my hat in the Star Wars fanart game.