Weekly Wrap-Up 6-10-19

I was blown away by the trailer for The Mighty Piton by The Line Animation and created a fan illustration based on the characters. This is the first year I did an illustration for Mermay a yearly tradition where an artist creates a mermaid design during the month of May. I also designed a modern version of Xayide the sorceress from The Neverending Story series.

Weekly Wrap-Up 6-18-18

It’s my favorite time of the year, I have been on the road just putting miles on the bike and taking stops to sketch. For the month of May I managed to do something for Mermay, a couple of NBA illustrations and of course one for the monthly character design challenge. Some days I want to do thick inker lines and the next day loose pencil styled designs. It’s still hard to decide what “style” I actually am.