Weekly Wrap-Up 11-5-18

Nothing much it has been busy lately. I did do a couple fashion reference studies, all on iPad w/Clip Studio Paint pencil tool. It’s super comfortable the way the pencil really builds layers over time with soft pencil marks on the screen.

I had a couple more idea’s for this month’s character design challenge I might revisit them sooner than later.

Weekly Wrap-Up 7-30-18

Still having way to much fun with the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge. I had a couple more since my last post. It’s so much fun to interpret someones drawing into my own. Especially the type of characters that are truly quite original.

I also had to get in on the She-Ra fanart that’s been going around on my feed. It’s awesome to see the illustration community come together to support one another always.

Weekly Wrap-Up 2-11-18

Clip Studio on iPad has a pretty extensive brush set but I haven’t spent much time with their pencils. It’s very intuitive to use the pencils really have a rough look to them. I have been doing a few model studies to give a very natural media look to the illustrations.

Of course I did this months character design topic: motorcycle. The funny thing is all month I did a few rough sticky note character sketches and a few days before the deadline came up with a new concept and finished it all the same night.

Weekly Wrap-Up 1-28-18

The last two weeks I have been doing quick nightly sketches on the iPad. I still need to start my character design challenge for this month plenty of time left before the month ends haha. I received a couple of request for small avatar illustrations besides that I need to get back to ink on paper very soon, it’s been a while.

Weekly Wrap-Up 12-10-17

With the year coming to and end I need to start scanning and clean up for my 2017 art book. I feel pretty comfortable with simple color illustration in Clip Paint Studio, the majority of the Frenden brushes imported perfectly. These illustrations were done on the iPad at 300 dpi still quite impressed how well it handles 20+ layers.





Weekly Wrap-Up 9-5-17

It really feels like summer is wrapping up, pumpkin spice is featured in everything already. The year is far from over but starting to think of some final pieces to work on for my end of the year art book. These are just my every couple of days drawings. I can’t get it to daily but doing the best I can.


Weekly Wrap-Up 6-26-16

Catching up on my backlog of summer tv with my iPad on hand. It’s still amazing how much I am still learning about Procreate.

It’s very rare I revisit a sketch but I really want to develop longer illustrations. Normally by the time I blue line a sketch and ink it I just want to move onto the next idea.


Reference illustration – Procreate #1


Reference illustration – Procreate #2


Brush pen illustration colored in Photoshop


Hamilton fanart


John Boyega-Pacific Rim 2 sketch