Weekly Wrap-Up 9-24-18

The last two weeks I have been busy and doing mostly quick at work lunchtime sketches. I did have time a day before Batman Day and drew a couple of layout sketches. I did eventually finish both during last weekend. With the model illustrations I was trying out building out grey levels before applying any color to the images. I always enjoy approaching a drawing with a possible new way to apply layers and colors.

Weekly Wrap-Up 03-06-16

Getting a bit busy for a moment. Working on some outside work hopefully I will show later down the road. In the meanwhile still trying to do a little something everyday or every other if time permits.


Iron Fist


Daft Punk – Still playing “Discovery” on a weekly basis


Zootopia / X-Files LOL…I am sorry


Quick late night sketch based on T.I.’s music video for “Money Talk”



Weekly Wrap-Up 8-30-15

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Just getting around to posting my backlog.


RIP Yvonne Craig aka Batgirl 60’s Batman still so very awesome and iconic. I remember as a kid watching the old syndicated Batman series in the early 90′s so much fun.





Ref illustration  it was a quick Sunday morning sketch I wanted to drop some color in it, reference here


Spongebob Squarepants for a sketch dailies topic from last week. Totally channeling the Hulk for this illustration.


Listening to the latest release from The Weeknd such a great album. While hearing it I just zoned out and wanted to do something just chill.


Over the weekend I saw the video for The Lines latest work: Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit. As a kid of the 80’s it spoke to me completely. Also super awesome pleasant surprise to be able to digital buy the PDF book of the sequences. I really hope we see more of these characters.



Sketch Dailies weekend topic #Warboys from Mad Max: Fury Road. I had to do a little something for it. Fury Road is one of my favorite films from 2015.

Weekly Wrap-Up 8-02-15

I had quite a backlog of recent illustrations that need some clean up prior to posting. Spending a lot of time just paper, brush-pen and a couple of micron markers. Drawing on paper just feels so much better than trying to do quick characters and scenes on the computer.


The other day thought about a strange mash-up Stevangelion Steven Universe x Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is the first result more to come.


Right after watching the latest DC animation movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters I had to do a quick Batman sketch. I found it last week redrew it on a larger sheet added a bit of color, up next Superman then Wonder Woman of course.


Summer movie season almost at the home stretch. This Ant-Man illustration is the third concept I actually went with, the other designs after rough blue line sketches didn’t turn out so hot. It’s great I am getting comfortable with just dropping an illustration prior to inking if it just doesn’t feel right on point.


One of the best things about summertime is finding the right tune for the warm days. One of my favorites is “Fun” by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown. Miami Vice was an awesome series and a pretty cool movie for what it was so, it was fun to channel the laid back vibe of Miami and the song with a sunny Florida like color palette.



I need to make time to watch the Nina Simone documentary that popped up on Netflix a while back. Hearing Lauren Hill cover one of her tracks is quite astounding, she does an amazing job. This brush pen illustration was done a couple of weeks ago but I never decided if I wanted to do a full background, I ended up just playing the colors.


I really enjoy watching comic professionals sit at a booth and do quick head/character sketches. I wanted to try, so I bought a couple of blank variants and these are the results. I have to really put sometime into getting the character into the world a bit more before I try doing these covers with so much background in them. Also grey markers will also help add a bit more dimension to the world.







Last but not least, I had to do a quick sketch for Rowdy Roddy Piper RIP. He was an icon of the 80’s wrestling era, the star of “They-Live” and of course Saint’s Row 4…so good, so very good.

Weekly Wrap-up 06-21-15

Busy couple of weeks, after a couple of trips I managed to find the time to scan and clean up some sketches.


Anger from Pixar’s Inside Out as a Red Lantern


Golden State Warriors congrats 2015 NBA Champions


Immortal Iron Fist ready to strike


Wonder Woman as a badger, drawing practice from Sketch Dailies mash-up week


Magnetoad, drawing practice from Sketch Dailies mash-up week


Sydney Leroux, USA FIFA player