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Sketch Collection 03-09-15

My sketches from last week. I was a bit under the weather most of last week so I couldn’t stay up to late to do…

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Illustration 02-04-2015

Found a great tumblr recently Flaber gaster tron that covers a lot of clothing and fashion from different regions. I am trying to expand my…

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Process Post 11-16-2014

Cartoon Network recently premiered a mini series called Over the Garden Wall. It was surprisingly dark and very well done. I came across the Tumblr…

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Destiny Doodle 09-08-2014

I am pretty psyched to finally get my hands on Destiny. I was a huge fan of the alpha and beta versions of the game….

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Process Post 07-08-2014

My slight obsession with Sketch Dailies continues into the summer months apparently. The daily theme the other day was Wonder Woman. I am not to…

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Process Post 06-14-2014

With World Cup right around the corner I wanted to do a sketch of a character based on the home team colors. I ended up…

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Process Post 05-09-2014

Ever so often I like to post a visual walkthrough so people can see the steps I take in my creative process. Once the final…