Sketch Collection 03-09-15

My sketches from last week. I was a bit under the weather most of last week so I couldn’t stay up to late to do anything major in color. This week gotta get back into drawing animals mode again.

Misty Knight
Jennifer Hudson from the “Trouble” video it’s soooooooo POP
Misc character design #1
Misc character design #2

Chinese New Year 02-19-2015

Every couple of days a week I try to do a sketch with the topic taken from Sketch Dailies. The theme today was Chinese New Year, the year of the goat/sheep. It’s fun for me sometimes depart from my usual style and try something with the look and feel of that region. I looked a number of Chinese watercolor paintings and tried to emulate the thick black brush line look.


Always Experimenting 12-28-2014

Some late night casual skimming through some classic manga has driven me to experiment with a more realistic look. I am going to blame it on all the synth-80’s music I have been listening to.

Once I figure out some problems with shades and more steady line value all the way through, I definitely want to try doing some prints.

Reference taken from Here: Bring the Rain Nicole Mejia