Process Breakdown 6-7-15

I like to do fashion sketches the folds in the fabric the many styles of clothing always provide an interesting challenge. This image from The Sartorialist proved to be a lot of fun.

Late night I like to sketch on paper it feels good to use traditional media at the end of the day. Most of the time I do a couple of quick sketches and never try to focus too much on background etc. It’s me trying to work on building layers upon layers of color based on the light situation.


If I find a sketch in particular that works I might like in this case scan it and clean the lines for coloring in Photoshop.


Before getting to the coloring I have learned try and map out the light and dark spots this makes all the difference for final rendering.


After I know where my highlights and shadows are, I hide it and drop base colors for all the parts.


This is my favorite part. I have a set base of folders that have my light values and another set of folders with my base colors. At this point it’s a lot of blending and adjusting of layers to get the final image.


New Year Celebration Process 2015

With the New Year around the corner I thought about an image that would kick off 2015. I have been randomly watching Samurai Champloo late night so it’s pretty easy to see where the costume design is inspired from.

Ever so often I like to try digital painting with the short brushes it really has an effect on my character designs.





Process Post 11-28-2014

After seeing Disney’s Big Hero 6 recently I began looking into the concept art for that film. In particular the loose brush work that some concept artists use for their concept work.

I wanted to try learning this technique it has a really cool look. For those familiar with current Marvel, Gwen Stacey is alive and she is Spider Woman on another earth.

This painting technique is just blocking out basic colors and afterwards just dark value lines to accent shapes that would otherwise get lost. I am still tweaking and trying to figure it out.




Process Post 08-23-2014

This year I came across a great thought process site called Sketch Dailies. The basic premise is everyday the admin post a theme and artist from all over the world submit their own take on the daily theme.

The other day Baobhan Sith was the daily theme. After doing some research on the theme fyi: it’s a Scottish fairy with feet of a goat that entices young men, I came up with the following concept.




Process Post 06-14-2014

With World Cup right around the corner I wanted to do a sketch of a character based on the home team colors. I ended up scanning it and finishing the entire concept in Photoshop. Ever so often I like to post a visual walkthrough so people can see the steps I take in my creative process.

After the image is redrawn in Photoshop, color values are added afterwards a heavily dithered and distorted background image is inserted in the background.




Process Post 05-09-2014

Ever so often I like to post a visual walkthrough so people can see the steps I take in my creative process. Once the final sketch is done it’s scanned. After scanning the line art has color values added along with gradients and shadows based on light source. It’s always fun to think of something loud for the background sometimes.




Process Post 02-05-2014

Ever so often I like to post a visual walkthrough so people can see the steps I take in my creative process.

I wanted to try a variation on the greaser pin-up girl theme I have been just experimenting with for a while now. This time after the final concept was sketched on paper, it was scanned and recreated using solid shapes tool.