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Weekly Wrap-up 06-21-15

Busy couple of weeks, after a couple of trips I managed to find the time to scan and clean up some sketches.   Anger from…

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Weekly Wrap-up 05-04-15

I have been busy the last two weeks so this post is a bit of a catch up. The reason for all the Avengers stuff…

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Sketch Collection 03-09-15

My sketches from last week. I was a bit under the weather most of last week so I couldn’t stay up to late to do…

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Process Post 01-02-2015

The first day of 2015 and Sketch Dailies has won me over all over again. Great idea to go with Marty McFly to start the…

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Process Post 11-16-2014

Cartoon Network recently premiered a mini series called Over the Garden Wall. It was surprisingly dark and very well done. I came across the Tumblr…

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Destiny Doodle 09-08-2014

I am pretty psyched to finally get my hands on Destiny. I was a huge fan of the alpha and beta versions of the game….

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New Batgirl 07-13-2014

I really like the direction DC is taking with the new Batgirl. Cameron Stewart is an amazing artists. I know a lot of people are…

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Moon Power 06-18-2014

Sketch Dailies theme the other day was Sailor Moon. I grew up watching it just because back then any anime you could get your hands…

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Bioshock Infinite 04-25-2013

Still making my way through Manga Studio. It’s a fantastic program it really does feel smooth like you’re actually drawing on paper. Felt like doing…