Weekly Wrap-Up 1-2-23

During holiday break I started cleaning up my MANY random folders of WIP artwork. I am not sure when I will get to my yearly art book production hopefully before spring. Some recent illustrations and my end of the year Blender video collection for 2022. I have a couple of other things in rough render WIP folders but I need to figure out a proper PC build for 2023.

Weekly Wrap-Up 11-28-22

In between a couple of projects I have been filling up the iPad with some pages. The artist Gaziter created a fun character and I had to try some pose studies with him. Also a couple of characters to print for a Marvel sticker sheet, some Pinterest studies and a screenshot from a segment from a Blender experiment. I liked the lighting in the alley it reminded me of a background from Batman: The Animated Series.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10-23-22

I am a huge fan of Studio Trigger the team constantly does some of the best character designs today. Their most recent work Cyberpunk: Edgerunners really stood out from first scene to the very end. I had to do a couple of fan illustrations after watching it all. Also a portrait study completed in Procreate and some very loose skateboarders’ studies using a basic Clip Studio flat ink brush.

Weekly Wrap-Up 08-08-22

I have been watching an anime called Dance Danseur about the world of ballet. The MAPPA style of bodies in motion is a fascinating study to try. I have been on Pinterest looking through ballet poses and doing nightly studies in Clip Studio with the basic pencil chunky brush, one of my favorite brushes to use just to capture basic form.

Weekly Wrap-Up 07-25-22

Late nights I have a couple Twitch art streamers I like to have on for background distraction noise. One of them is Ergo_Josh his streams are very chill and easy to listen to. He recently posted a Draw This in Your style based on his original character. I had to do a couple of poses, expressions and a scene with his character. It’s good practice.