Weekly Wrap-Up 01-12-16

Recently spent sometime getting familiar with Manga Studio/Clip Paint Studio again. Photoshop is my primary tablet interface but I wanted to see what changed. After installing the latest brushes from Frenden, I can say quite a bit. The new tips just feel more organic and the lag that was around with the latest OSX El Capitan update is now gone.

The first three sketches are from the weekend done using traditional ink and paper. Also, I just finished Into The Badlands this week so thus the flood of characters from that world will begin.


Random warrior guy from Into The Badlands


The Widow aka Minerva from Into The Badlands


Chun-Li based on this awesome cosplay reference I stumbled onto here


Quick doodle for Sketch Dailies topic “The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”


Quick cast of Into The Badlands sketch using Clip Studio Paint


Can’t forget Quinn from Into The Badlands


Sherlock and Watson based on the new holiday special


Quick character doodle #1


Quick character doodle #2

post-1-12-16GQuick character doodle #3


Slowly making my way through Jessica Jones…Kilgrave wow what a monster…


Tried out a couple of brushes on this, I try not to spent too much time on this reference photo it’s really good practice though.

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