Weekly Wrap-Up 1-1-18

So that was 2017 excited to see whats in store for 2018. During my vacation caught up on shows notable mentions to Stranger Things 2 and The Punisher. I sent off the final In Design file for my 2017-2018 art book it’s still super exciting to get the hardbound edition in my hands.

I didn’t do much/any daily sketches but I did complete a couple of larger illustrations I wanted finished for the book.

Weekly Wrap-up 03-15-15

I didn’t do a lot of sketches, busy work week. I did manage to zone out for a bit this weekend and fully recover from this nagging cold and do some just because sketches. After a quick marathon session of Steven Universe I definitely felt inspired to do some characters from the show. The others are nightly sketches that I try to do on a consistent pattern for Sketch Dailies.

Trying out some different angles
Steven and Son Goku playing leapfrog…why not
Garnet from Steven Universe
Maxima a rouge of Superman done for Sketch Dailies
Matt Murdock aka Daredevil done for Sketch Dailies