Weekly Wrap-Up 07-12-15

I did a good chunk of sketches this week. Last weeks art road block seems to have passed for now. Really exciting stuff coming out of San Diego comic con, just a shame it’s tough to actually get tickets in the nerd is cool era.

Congrats to Serena Williams on her 6th Wimbledon Win, like Nike says “Just Do It”



Mid-friday the first cast photo of the new Ghostbusters hit the internet. I am counting down the days. Really interested to see what they do in terms of how does this relate to the 80’s Ghostbusters crew.




Can’t believe Invader Zim is back. Hopefully this will lead the way to a new animated series on Netflix. I did a quick sketch the day I saw the news the covers were released.




Just a quick model reference pose illustration. These are always fun quick doodles on paper. Ever so often I like to grab one and drop some color on it.